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Beau-Zone Layer – Emishiki World Peace

Beau-Zone Layer – Emishiki World Peace

Shiga Prefecture 

Junmai Ginjo 

SMV: -15 Acidity: 1.5

After just visiting this small brewery in Shiga Prefecture, I have a newfound admiration for this sake called World Peace. Made with Shiga-grown Yamadanishiki milled to 50%, and using Hana Kobo (Flower Yeast), this sake drinks with a “silky sweetness” according to Owner and Toji Atsunori Takeshima the 5th Generation wonder kid! Trained in Niigata, Take practices, “the laws of nature with no additives, handcrafted, genshu (undiluted), and sweet.” Emishiki also uses a traditional old Fune press – “Sase-style pressing, which means gentle pressure bringing a soft, clear profile to the sake.” The result is a round and velvety brew that is big in flavor, but drinks very light. I was fortunate to drink the nama (unpasteurized) version of this brew, but must say that I prefer the lightly pasteurized version that we sell. I asked Take what foods go well with this sake and he didn’t hesitate, “Maguro, O-toro, trout, and salmon sashimi!” And he was right as we paired it at dinner after the brewery tour. This is one of the coolest sakes on the market right now, and wine drinkers particularly like it, even with an SMV of -15. The art of this brew is that it doesn’t scream sweet, and tastes superb. 

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