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True Stories – Chris Mines the Newsletter Archives (Help Wanted)

True Stories – Chris Mines the Newsletter Archives (Help Wanted)

Greetings Sake Fans and Connoisseurs,


Chris here, your favorite Omachisuto, back at it with another newsletter column. No archive mining this month. But! I have been tasked to pen a column to announce that True Sake is hiring!


Yes, it's finally come to the point where all of us are wearing slightly too many hats! We're a true ma-and-pa operation, and we handle the retail shop, the online shop, the social media, the marketing, the newsletter, the inbound deliveries, the outbound deliveries, the research and development, and so much more, all under this tiny roof at 560 Hayes in beautiful San Francisco, California. 

We're looking for hard-working and passionate sake fans, lovers and/or connoisseurs that would love to help the True Sake Cru grow into an even bigger and better operation. We prefer that potential candidates have a sake background, but are willing to teach from the ground up too. As long as you're enthusiastic, open-minded, hard-working, and have a willingness to learn, you'd be a good fit.


Working at True Sake would also be a great way to get your knowledge up, the same way that sake fans take sake courses like John Gauntner's Sake Professional Course, Toshio Ueno's Certified Sake Adviser Course, Jesse Pugach's WSET courses, Michael Tremblay's Sake Scholar Course, etc. Yes, learning through lecture-based courses is great, but at True Sake you would get a more hands-on experience learning under Sake Samurai and founder of True Sake Beau Timken, as well as our Manager Mei, myself, and my favorite person from Iwate, Chika! We all have quite diverse sake backgrounds, so if you're hired, pull up a chair and notepad, take notes, and soak up as much sake knowledge as you can! It'll be fun*, I promise! (*Fun, not guaranteed).


Retail or restaurant experience is not required, but a huge plus. The ability to speak, read, or write Japanese is not required, but a plus. We're also looking for self-starters that can work on their own, as well as someone that can work with a team. The group dynamic here at True Sake is fun, but team chemistry cannot be taught. If hired, you would go through an initial trial period of 90 days with the potential to be a fully fledged staff member after the trial period. 


So yeah, you think you're up for it? As the newest hire at True Sake, my biggest piece of advice is keep an open mind, and work hard. Your hard work will not go unrecognized. Again, as long as you have a passion for sake, with a willingness to learn, and you work hard, you'll be a shoe-in. Submit your application today!


Till next time,


Your potential new co-worker!

(email your resume to

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