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Beau-Zone Layer – Wakaebisu “Seven Gods of Fortune”

Beau-Zone Layer – Wakaebisu “Seven Gods of Fortune”

Mie Prefecture 
SMV: +7 Acidity: 1.5
Don't NO Honjozo sake – get to KNOW Honjozo sake. If you’re still reading this then you’re not a sake snob! Thank you. Yes, there is a big debate to Junmai or not to Junmai, which means a little bit of brewers alcohol added to a sake. “Purists” would turn their nose up, the Junmai Society of sake breweries that only make rice and water sakes would scoff, and wine drinkers would raise their eyebrows, but why? Drinking sake is a luxury. Drinking any booze is a luxury. Technically we don’t need it as humans to live. But it’s darn fun and tasty to imbibe in a libation that makes us happy. The “Honjozo” category has taken a lot of abuse over the years as it could be considered a “lesser” brew, but I don’t get hung up with that stuff. There are professionals who think the flavor of the sake is distracted by added brewers alcohol, but they need reminding that most competition sakes have added alcohol. Is it a blemish or a perception? Is it a cheapening of a brew, or is it making a certain segment of sakes more affordable and in most cases more approachable? I encourage all sake drinkers to explore the Honjozo category. And why not start with this brew from Wakaebisu. In my review I call it a “Gateway to Honjozo sake.” It’s extremely soft, smooth, and round and drinks very delicately with some crispness and boasts a clean finish. It has some classic Honjozo flavors such as nougat, marshmallow, and powdered sugar flavors. Basically it’s great sake that happens to be Honjozo!  
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