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Beau-Zone Layer – Hojo Biden “Pastoral Beauty”

Beau-Zone Layer – Hojo Biden “Pastoral Beauty”

Fukuoka Prefecture 
Yamahai Junmai
SMV: -1 Acidity: 1.6

In the race to the bottom of milling percentages, many sake drinkers are getting tons of premium sake that are all clean, elegant, and ethereal. Lost in this Ginjo and Daiginjo momentum are the traditionally made brews like Kimoto and Yamahai sakes. Of course, you know what these brews are, but have you been enjoying them lately? This month’s Beau-Zone Layer is a reminder to not sleep on your other love – Yamahai Junmai sake. And to help me with this reminder is a fantastic Yamahai from Fukuoka made with Yamadanishiki milled to 70%. (Remember that milling rate? 70%?) With a nose of nuts, honey, and fig, this rich and round brew is stunning in that it drinks almost watery soft. Huh? So many rich flavors like brown sugar, pecan, and cocoa melt away on a smooth flow that remains smooth at the three main temperatures. I’m a big fan of the combo of natural sweetness like fig and raisin with nougat and flan tones of sugary substances. You’d think this brew would drink big and beefy, but it’s the opposite. Maybe that’s why this brew would appeal to the Ginjo and Daiginjo crowd. This is also a reminder that there are several schools of Yamahai sake – the huge funk in the trunk wet dog forest floor Yamahai – the creamy, soft, velvety, and round Yamahais and – the high-end Ginjo and Daiginjo Yamahais. This brew is the soft and silky version that isn’t all spastic acidity and compost bin flavors. And it’s calling to you, “Hey don’t forget to Yamahai!”

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