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Beau Zone Layer – Heiwa KID “Omachi”

Beau Zone Layer – Heiwa KID “Omachi”

Wakayama Prefecture

Tokubetsu Junmai

SMV: +1 Acidity:1.7

Making sake can be a little tedious and repetitious at times. Although the brewers love doing the motions over and over they also enjoy doing something different every once in a while. What’s something different? Well for one using an entirely different brewing rice for a limited release. In 2017 Heiwa Shuzou introduced Kid Omachi with a limited production. And it was fun. And it was good. And now you get to taste one of the best-balanced Omachi sakes in the entire sake-brewing world. And it’s a Tokubetsu Junmai! Oh really? Okay, I get your point. The brewers actually mill the Omachi to 50% for the Kojimai and 60% for the majority of the sake called the Kakemai. So is it really Junmai? You bet! And it all has to do with the world Tokubetsu or “Special” Junmai, which in this case means extra milling! Does it matter? Well, take a nice sip and enjoy world-class balance and structure for an Omachi brew. Personally I feel that this is one of the best balanced brews in the Heiwa Collection, because they do a superb job of reigning in the fruitiness and focus on the controlled aspects of Omachi, which tends to be a little bit of a wild stallion rice varietal that produces so many different flavor fields. This sake is so good it gets one of those confusing tags like a “user-friendly” sake that is so drinkable you think it’s a basic sake, but it’s not. It’s a work of balanced art.

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