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The “Beau Zone Layer” - Mutsu Hassen Kijoshu

The “Beau Zone Layer” - Mutsu Hassen Kijoshu

From Aomori Prefecture


SMV: -21 Acidity: 3.0


Here Ye here Ye calling all sake explorers! Ready for a nook and cranny to explore in the sake world? Ready to jump on a new sake expression called Kijoshu? Huh? Kijoshu is a category of sake that is made a little differently than a typical sake fermentation process. When making “regular” sake the brewers add portions of rice, koji rice, and water at certain times. When making Kijoshu sake the brewers actually add sake in place of water. Whoa! Yup, and you’d think this would result in a super sweet brew, which of course it does in many cases. But wait there’s more. Brewers use highly elevated acidity levels to “knock down” that sweetness, so they drink bright and semi-sweet. The category for this reason is considered a “dessert sake,” but as you will discover this is not the only case. Kijoshu pairs incredibly well with tons of exciting cuisines from spicy to fruity and from greasy to savory. This particular Kijoshu is wickedly complex, but a blast to taste. It is citrusy and clever and Mutsu Hassen uses a white koji mold that brings out an even brighter pop. If you are checking off Bucket List sakes then this Kijoshu deserves a big check mark!

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