Chillin' and Grillin' - 6 Brews for Great Grilled Fare

Hello to all of you masters of the grill! Are you a little bored – been there done that – with drinking the same wines and beers with your grilled master pieces? Why not mix things up and pair some amazing sakes with all of your favorite grilling subjects. Imagine how excited your guests will be when you say, “Hey – tonight we are pairing sake with my world famous grilled chicken!”


Sake is an amazingly food friendly libation that actually does far better in most cases than a grape juice! Why not hit a starch-centric brew with all of your salty and savory grilling components. From fish, shellfish and veggies to game and anything else with wings, beaks, tails, and is good on a grill will pop when it is paired with sake. They have been drinking sake with grilled fare for hundreds of years in Japan; can you say the same about your Budweiser? You don’t need summer to be a sake pairing grill master, sake works year around!


Cowboy Yamahai: This beefy Ginjo has a very appropriate name and is great with the grill!


Wakatake Onikoroshi Genshu “Demon Slayer”: This Demon Slayer is a beast for salty and savory grilled fare on a stick!


Umenishiki Sakehitosuji “Gorgeous Plum”: This bright and fruity genshu explodes with flavor with grilled fish!


Urakasumi “Misty Bay”: This Miyagi sake is super pals with steamed shellfish and grilled oysters!


Suehiro Densho Yamahai: This super smooth and velvety Junmai is dynamite with grilled veggies!


Tedorigawa Yamahai “Silver Mountain”: This flavorful brew does wonders in a Yakitori – think what it can do for your grill!

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