In the RED - 6 Sakes That Appeal to Big Red Wine Drinkers

Well hello there you red wine drinkers. You are a special breed of folks who like larger and more impactful flavors in your glass. And guess what? There are a ton of sakes that would speak your very proud language of impact and structure with finesse and complexity. “In the Red” is a kit that features sakes that have all of that plus more! Many sakes are very clean and drink like water, but that is not your cup of tea. You are looking for attitude and these six sakes have it, along with richness, boldness, and layers and layers of complexities. These brews are also very food friendly with the same cuisines that you throw your red wines into.


Like wine sakes all have a story and these “In the Red” sakes are rich in tradition and sake heritage. They are the more bold and large examples of sake in the realm of rice and water, and they would impress you red wine drinkers. And since sake has 1/3 the acidity of wine, and is very low in histamines, and does not use sulfites then there is a pretty good chance you will feel better in the morning too. Can your red wines say that? 


JH09 – Kenbishi Kuromatsu “Black Pine”: This beefy Honjozo is a deeply rich and impactful sake that warms well too.


JH18 – Urakasumi “Misty Bay”: This massive Honjozo Genshu is a loud, bold and raucous dance in the glass.


JG22 - Cowboy Yamahai : This full-bodied Yamahai has layers of richness and a smooth flow.


JH41 – Gunmai Izumi “Famous Fountain”: This Yamahai Junmai is a very beefy brew that is very drinkable.


JG03 – Bishonen Ginzukuri “Beautiful Boy”: This Junmai Ginjo is rich, racy, and velvety that drinks large and round.


JG26 – Kokuryu “Black Dragon”: This Junmai Ginjo is elegant, rich, and very smooth in the glass.

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