The Cup of Life - 6 Sakes Served In Their Own Gift Cup

One of the most historical and popular ways to “dispense” sake in Japan was invented by a company called Ozeki, which made the very famous Ozeki One Cup. This sake, which was coin-machine dispensed, was made of regular or “Futsushu” sake – meaning it wasn’t exactly premium. But today many small breweries put some of their best sakes in One Cups to get people to taste their better products at a better price point.


Of course many of the breweries also continue the tradition of filling their cups with their own version of “table sake.” The bottom line is that One Cups are cool, and are filled with great sake and come in really cool packages. And yes these “cups” are great for collecting, and are gift giving wonders.


Akishika "Bambi Cup": Very clean and tasty sake from Osaka Prefecture that drinks smooth and very well balanced.


Shunnoten "Fisherman Cup": A very nice and ricey sake that is on the neutral side, not too dry and not at all fruity.


Chiyomusubi "Oyaji Cup": This cup is filled with a premium Junmai Ginjo sake, and is super smooth and super clean.


Chiyomusubi "Kitaro Cup": From the famous manga cartoon this premium Junmai Ginjo is round and dry and very smooth.


Kiku Masamune "Taru Cup": This cup is filled with taru or cedar sake that is rich and semi-thick with a gentle woody smoothness.


Kiku Masamune "Dry Sake One Cup": This super affordable brew is clean and very well balanced with ricey and grain tones. 

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