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New Store Arrivals – Kamonishiki, Akashi Tai, Shirayuki, Sake One, Fukumyru, Den, & more.

New Store Arrivals – Kamonishiki, Akashi Tai, Shirayuki, Sake One, Fukumyru, Den, & more.


Kamonishiki Nifudazake "Tank 132"
From Niigata Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo Nama. SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.3
The nose on this new-style Daiginjo is a mild collection of pear, cantaloupe, strawberry, green apple, lychee, green grape, and steamed rice aromas. Sake doesn't always have to fit in the same stuffy box where makers produce brews that drink well but are all the same. Say hello to the not-the-same-old-same-old-sake made in the new-world style that is bright, spritzy, fun and fun. You said fun twice. Yes! Because it's twice the fun. Made with Niigata Gohyakumangoku milled to 50%, listen for the little hiss as you open the cap, and check out the little bubbles that appear to float in the fluid. Basically, this means lively and fresh unpasteurized sake that is well built, solid, with a quick finish. Look for fresh crisp flavors like grapefruit, watermelon, young mango, kiwi, ginger, rock candy, cherry, apple, cotton candy, and minerals on a light and bright fluid, with a lot of umami, and a clean departure. This is a performance sake at its finest. WORD: Fresh Complexity WINE: Lively reds/Crisp whites BEER: Crisp ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, crab, lobster, scallops, citrus based dishes, seafood samplers, Champagne fare. $39/720ml


Akashi-Tai Kuro

From Hyogo Prefecture. Honjozo SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.4

The nose on this Hyogo Honjozo is a generous collection of cocoa, oatmeal, butter, steamed rice, cream, and hot chocolate aromas. Talk about a smooth and flavorful Honjozo that drinks like a superstar and pairs with food oh so well! Round, creamy, and velvety this brew drinks rich-light. What's rich light? Well it's a brew that has rich and full-bodied flavors but drinks lighter than it should, almost watery but silkier with loads of umami. There is a glorious ricey semi-sweetness with cocoa, crème brûlée, pancake with maple syrup, nougat, grains, rice candy, butter toast, hot chocolate, and nutty flavors on a fluid that is slick and super smooth. This is a "relationship" sake that will quickly become one of your favorites. WORD: Smooth WINE: Pinot Noir/Creamy Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Pub fare, snack fare, Izakaya fare, grill fare, salty and savory. $32/720ml

Shirayuki "Winning Horse"

From Hyogo Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: -1 Acidity: N/A

The nose on this incredibly drinkable Junmai Daiginjo is a gentle collection of tangerine, berry, floral, and other citrus aromas. Say hello to a very user-friendly brew from a brewery known for their dry sake making skills. Clean, light, and gentle this brew drinks dry, compact, and crisp. Look for young pear, kiwi, tangerine, persimmon, nectarine, and yellow apple flavors on a fluid that just glides easily through the palate. There is a nice watery and easy tone to this brew that has hints of fruit tones with a quick and dry finish. A great Sake 101 example of Junmai Daiginjo sake that's in an easy and understandable format for the new to sake drinkers and also a super tasty brew for those who know their sake. Learn your drunken whale JDG today. WORD: Drinkable WINE: Easy Reds/Clean Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Yakitori, sushi and sashimi, grilled fare, pub snacks.  $49/720ml

Sake One Naginata
From Forest Grove, Oregon. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: +4 Acidity: N/A
The nose on this stylish sake is an excellent collection of grape, apple, mango, berry, rice cracker, and pineapple aromas. Using Yamadanishiki from Arkansas that is milled to 40%, this is perhaps one of the best internationally made Junmai Daiginjo produced outside of Japan. Master brewer Takumi Kuwabara makes this premium brew in batches to achieve the best and most flavorful sake that rivals the finest Japanese-produced sakes. Ethereal, nuanced, smooth, round, and very elegant, a white wine glass extols the semi-viscous and balanced fluid. Look for melon, pear, grape, berry, mango, strawberry, and sweet rice flavors that drink fleshy with a quick finish (kire). Congratulations Sake One for making a world-class sake that should not be missed by any sake enthusiasts. WORD: Elegant WINE: Soft Reds/Fruity Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, Champagne fare, grilled fish and chicken, shellfish. $64/720ml

Fukumuryo "Blend"
From Nagano Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: ±0 Acidity: 1.2
The nose on this uniquely produced sake is a great collection of pear, melon, sugar, stone fruit, nectarine, marshmallow, and sweet rice aromas. This is a "Bucket List" sake for sure as it is a collaboration between two breweries Shinshu Meijo Co. (makers of Takizawa) and Kutsukake Shuzo Co. (makers of Fukumuryo) that blend sake made in each brewery to achieve a fabulous tasting Junmai Ginjo that drinks great. Round, smooth, semi-rich, silky, and fluffy, this brew tastes as good as it feels with a really cool uplifting finish. Look for an array of flavors such as powdered sugar, peach, pear compote, apple pie, honeydew tones that slip into marshmallow, nougat, and confectionary sugar as the fluid warms in the glass. It sounds sweet, but actually, it's more along the lines of a semi-dry sake that has a very nice softness. Great job you two Nagano breweries, what a sake! WORD: Tasty WINE: Soft Reds/Rich Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, lobster, crab, grilled fish and fowl, Champagne fare, and cheese plates. $33/720ml

Kirakucho Cho Karakuchi
From Shiga Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +14 Acidity: N/A
The nose on this "chokarakuchi" extra dry sake is a mild collection of steamed rice, Asian pear, wheat, straw, mineral, and berry aromas. The master brewer toji of Kita Shuzo is the Ninth Generation daughter named Mayuko Kita, who personally hand sold us this amazing Junmai Ginjo. Her philosophy is great value and great tasting sake. This very dry, clean, light, and smooth sake is her favorite. Essentially, it drinks like dry water with a very good body, and loads of hidden flavor elements that don't jump over the dryness. Look for Asian pear, dried apple, herbal notes, subtle berry, and wheat toast flavors that end in a minty finish. A very drinkable dry sake that has an appealing dryness, and is quick and gone. Check out the 17.5% ABV that you don't even notice as you're sipping. WORD: Dry WINE: Dry Reds/Smooth Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Izakaya fare, salty, savory, grilled fish and fowl, oysters, French fries. $23/720ml

Senkin Snowman
From Tochigi Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo Nigori Genshu. SMV: -10 Acidity: 2.8
The nose on this cloudy sake is a mild collection of peach, rock sugar, cookie frosting, cherry, yogurt, and creamy aromas. A mischievous Nigori that is made using 100% Yamadanishiki milled to 50%. This is also an undiluted "Genshu" brew with an ABV of 15%. This doesn't drink like your grandmother's Nigori sake, as it is zesty, light, active, lively, jumpy, semi-dry, and crisp. Look for candy apple, pear, cherry, kumquat, lemon lime soda, sweet rice, and cream flavors that drink very fresh and vivid. Refreshing and lively, this Daiginjo grade Nigori is as mischievous as the snowman's smile (on the front label!). WORD: Crisp WINES: Crisp Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: International spice, tacos, street food, cheese plates, fruit salads. $16/300ml
Nihon Sakari SAKARI Yuzu "no. 21"
From Hyogo Prefecture. Yuzushu. SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A
The nose on this Yuzushu made with sake is a verbose collection of lemon, lemon grass, lemon honey, sugar, and lemon ice aromas. This is a very well-balanced Yuzushu that plays with sweet-and-sour elements in a smooth bodied flow that is bright, refreshing, and lively. In a word, it's a citrus blast, but it's also balanced, soft, sharp, round, and easy to enjoy. Look for lemon juice, sugar, Lemonade, lemon tea, and Lemon Head candy flavors that jump and pop with a nice acidity play. This is elegant and lively citrus fun. WORD: Lemony WINE: Sweet n' sour liqueurs BEER: Lemon ales FOODS: Desserts, fruit plates, some cheese plates. $38/720ml

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