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Kokoro Care Packages

Kokoro Care Packages delivers premium-quality, artisanal Japanese food straight from Japan to your door. They work closely with local farmers and producers to support their traditions and communities, while sharing their stories.
Their Japanese Foods That Pair With Alcohol: "Otsumami" Care Package includes a curation of Japanese foods and flavors, from smokey to savory and more, each. chosen to pair perfectly with sake.
The package includes:
  • IBURIGAKKO (SMOKED TAKUAN) (いぶりがっこ) to pair with XXX.
  • SMOKED ISLAND TOFU (スモーク島豆腐) to pair with Kikuhime Kiku
  • DASHIPS (だしップス) to pair with XXX.
  • SMOKED OTSUMAMI MENTAIKO (おつまみスモーク明太子) to pair with XXX. 
  • TERIYAKI FISH JERKY (テリヤキ・フィッシュ・ジャーキー いわし 山椒) to pair with XXX.
  • CRUNCHY BAKED KONBU (KELP) (パリポリ昆布) to pair with XXX.
  • FRIED BROWN RICE MOCHI OKAKI (SWEET SOY SAUCE) (玄米餅を米油で揚げたおかき <甘醤油>) to pair with XXX.


Find out more about us at and at @kokorocares.
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    Kikuhime Futsushu "Kiku"

    first ever true sake selection!
    In stock

    This review was conducted at the recommended room temperature. The nose on this one-of-a-kind sake is a tantalizing collection of shiitake, sweet n...

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