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  • Emishiki Junmai Genshu "Sensation White"

    Emishiki Junmai Genshu "Sensation White"

    Junmai Genshu

    The nose on this “New World” Junmai is a great collection of green apple, lemon peel, cut grass, and floral aromas. Today’s “Junmai” category has t...

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  • Emishiki Junmai Ginjo "World Peace"

    Emishiki Junmai Ginjo "World Peace"

    Junmai Ginjo

    The nose on this sake made using a “Hana” or flower yeast is an incredible collection of apple, mineral, blueberry, rice pudding, banana, and plum ...

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  • Emishiki Kijoshu "Monsoon"

    Emishiki Kijoshu "Monsoon"


    The nose on this specially made aperitif/dessert sake is an amazing array of fruit sorbet, pineapple, honeydew, bubblegum, banana cream, and aloe v...

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  • Kirakucho Cho Karakuchi Junmai Ginjo

    Kirakucho Cho Karakuchi Junmai Ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo

    The nose on this “chokarakuchi” extra dry sake is a mild collection of steamed rice, Asian pear, wheat, straw, mineral, and berry aromas. The maste...

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  • Matsunotsukasa Kimoto Junmai
    Sold out

    Matsunotsukasa Kimoto Junmai

    Kimoto Junmai

    Review from Beau Timken coming soon!

  • Matsunotsukasa Ryuou Junmai Daiginjo "Blue"

    Matsunotsukasa Ryuou Junmai Daiginjo "Blue"

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The nose on this lush sake is a mild collection of vanilla, rice, young peach, and pear aromas. This is a plump and smooth JDG that has body and br...

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  • Shichi Hon Yari Junmai "The Seven Spearsmen"

    Shichi Hon Yari Junmai "The Seven Spearsmen"


    The nose on this classic Junmai sake is a vibrant collection of earthy, nutty, butter, wheat, crushed leaves, and steamed rice aromas. In a word, ...

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  • Tsukiakari Junmai Ginjo "Moon Light"

    Tsukiakari Junmai Ginjo "Moon Light"

    smooth, rich, cocoa.

    This unique Ginjo uses a brewing rice called Ginfubuki and that may account for the nice richness and cocoa flavor that courses through the smooth ...

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