Medals Madness – 6 Sakes That Won Gold & Silver at the IWC

This sake kit is comprised of 6 sakes that won medals at the 2014 International Wine Challenge in London, which is the largest wine and sake tasting in the world. Can you drink a medal? No, but it is nice to taste sakes that appealed to sake judges from all over the world. The largest sake tasting in Japan is comprised of sakes from each sake brewery, but these sakes are never open to the public and are crafted just for that tasting.


IWC sakes are made for the consumers, and entrant sakes have to be sold to the public. So, basically these sakes are made to be sold and some are better than others. This kit features Gold and Silver medal winners, because one man’s gold is another man’s ummmm silver?


Taiheizan Tenko "Heavenly Grace": An extremely flavorful “kimoto” or traditionally pole rammed sake that is round and feels great.


Hanahato Kijoshu "Gorgeous Bird": This “desert” sake has been aged 8 years and drinks like a fine port or sherry.


Ichinokura "Kura no Hana": A very special Junmai Daiginio that has layers and layers of flavors on a very gentle soft flow.


Tengumai "Dance of the Demon": This “yamahai” or traditionally made sake is a very rich and powerful walk in the frisky sake wilds.


Ura Gasanryu "Fuka": From Yamagata Prefecture this sake is a wonderful play between balance and flavor.


Dassai 23 "Otter Festival": This “ultra” Daiginjo represents sake at the pinnacle of achievement – amazing flavor meets amazing technique.

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