Under the Umbrella - 6 Poolside Brews

Is there anything better than lounging by the pool on a hot day? Yes! Drinking by the pool. But aren’t you tired of drinking your same boring beers and whiney wines? Sitting in the sun is meant to be fun and not the same old same old. Mix things up and try some amazing sakes that scream hot sunny and fun day! This “Under the Umbrella” kit is filled with amazing sakes of all types from frozen (Yes sake slushies do exist) to citrus infused brews to sparkling sakes and wonderfully light and clean sakes that do so well when it is hot out!


They drink a lot of sake in the sun in Japan usually watching the cherry blossoms and there are a ton of sakes that are perfect for warmer conditions. Think cool, clean, pristine, light, ethereal, and like water! And yes they are served cold. So why not mix things up and surprise the guests at your next pool party? Sake is the party!


UN13 - Tamanohikari Reishu: This little tetra-pak sake is made for freezing and drinking as a sake slushy!


DG34 - Akitabare Suirakuten “Heaven of Tipsy Delight”: This Daiginjo is so light, clean, and cool it will lower your body temp!


JG02 – Koshi No Tousetsuka “Snow Flower”: This Ginjo is that cool drink of water that you need on a hot day!


UN07 – Tsukasabotan Yamayuzu Shibori “King of the Peony”: This citrus infused sake brings a refreshing sweetness to a humid hot one!


UN05 – Ichishima Karen “Coy”: This super light and super fruity Junmai drinks very happy and gentle!


SP07 – Harushika Tokimeki “Palpatation of Sake”: This sparkling sake was made for a poolside partner on that sunny day!

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